Reportsi 2003/06/13 jThe Topaz On The Ship


The TOPAZ On The Ship

The TOPAZ arrived in Tokyo on June 10. It is the charter of the Peace Boat.
There is an inspection meeting of a topaz on June 13.
I participated in it.
I took the photograph inside a ship.

Promenade Deck

Veranda Deck

Upper Deck
stateroom( room No.707 )

Main Deck
No.60128(Pair Grand)
No.60130(Friendly Global)
No.60147(Friendly Global)
No.6043(My Cabin for Handicap)

No.6073(Single Inside)

No.639(Pair Pacific)

No.649(Pair Quality)

No.651(Single Sunrise)

Allegro Deck
No.50150(Friendly Casual)
No.50152(Economy II)
No.50168(Economy I)

No.5144+5146 connected(My Cabin)

No.5162+5164 connected(My Cabin)
No.5174(Friendly State)
No.5186(Single Outside)

Bolero Deck
No.4069(Family Inside)
No.4079(Friendly Casual)
No.476(Friendly State)
No.477(Standard II)

Concerto Deck( only stateroom )

stateroom 3052 and 3072

Other Photos